Friday, 17 May 2013

Herbalife Online Application

Apply for a Herbalife Membership or become an Authorized Herbalife Independent Distributor In Just 10 Minutes!
Congratulations on taking the first step towards the life you deserve for better health and wealth. You have 2 options to apply for a Herbalife Membership or become Authorized Herbalife  Independent Distributor

Option (A): Offline Application (only cash or via bank transfer payment)
You can Contact me Herbalife Indepedent Distributor to make an appointment for further discussion and more advise on how to start taking Herbalife Nutrition.
* For Malaysia Resident only, you just need to submit a copy of your IC both front and back for Herbalife Malaysia office use, contact me for the membership fees info
* For Foreigner staying in Malaysia (Only Via Offline Application),  you may Contact me and required a photocopy of your passport for Herbalife Malaysia office use. contact me for the Herbalife membership fees info as below

Option (B): Online Application (Follow the steps below, only credit card payment)
Herbalife Online Application is the convenient way but is applicable only countries which have an Online Application are included in the Country of Residence selector. If you do not see your country of residence, you will need to apply offline by Contact me or your Herbalife local countries Sponsor. 
The next 15-20 minutes you will be able to order directly from the Herbalife Company by phone or on your own Herbalife online account site with your Herbalife ID no. and Pin code given. 
Step 1. Log into, click to 'Apply Online' or go to MyHerbalife. You will see the screen below. Select and enter all the required boxes based on below information, click 'Next' button.
  • Country of Residence*: 'Select your own current country of Residence'
  • Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number*: Need a sponsor?Contact me for more info
  • First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name*: Need a sponsor? Contact me for more info
  • Purchased an International Business Pack (IBP) from your Sponsor?* : Select 'NO'

Step 2. Fill up your personal detail accordingly in all the required boxes as per your country of Residence. After completed, click 'Next' button. 
**Tips: For Malaysia Resident only, a copy of your NRIC (Mykad) is required to be uploaded in order to avoid and delay in processing your orders. You will be allowed to purchase any Herbalife item only if you submit your NRIC copy.
** Tips: For Other Countries / International, just follow the instruction on the screen to upload necessary file as per your Country of Residence required by your Herbalife local office.

Step 3. An agreement screen will shown, select on "I AGREE" mean you agree that you have read and are bound by the terms of this Electronics Disclosure Agreement and the Herbalife online Membership / Distributor Application and Agreement.  Click 'Next' button. 

Step 4. You might choose IBP (Herbalife International Business Pack) with the language you prefer and fill up your delivery address. Select 'Shipping Method' and Click 'Next' button. 
**Tips: There is no PICK UP for IBP via Herbalife Online Application. 

Step 5. Double check the IBP confirmation and enter your credit card payment details, click 'Submit' button to submit your Herbalife Online Application.
**Tips: You can use any of your Visa/Master Credit card payment for IBP purchase online. It does not necessary the cards which you registered with Herbalife. (Only credit card payment)

Congratulations! You are now a registered Herbalife Member or an Authorised Herbalife Independent Distributor of Herbalife International! You may print out a copy of your Application for reference and ID card for identification purpose. 
Now, you can try to log into MyHerbalife with your own Herbalife ID no. and Pin Code. You'll get discount on all Herbalife Nutrition Products in more than 89 countries worldwide now with your own Herbalife online account site.
For more information, you can Contact Me

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