Thursday, 7 February 2013

Herbalife NRG Tea

What is Herbalife NRG Tea? 

Herbalife NRG is Nature's Raw Guarana Tea. 

Get a natural pick-me-up with this zesty yet gentle, uplifting tea – infused with guarana. An ancient, Amazonian seed with properties similar to caffeine. Guarana seeds can boosts your energy naturally, while helping improve mental alertnes. Easily mixes with water and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

For more information about Herbalife NRG Tea, let check out from Dr. Luigi Gratton, M.P.H., Vice President of Nutrition Education at Herbalife, talks about NRG, Nature's Raw Guarana, a natural supplement that provides increased mental alertness and helps maintain energy levels over a sustained period of time. 


Interested to replace your coffee with Herbalife NRG, Nature's Raw Guarana Tea to boosts your energy naturally and improve mental alertnes?  

Herbalife nutrition products are sold exclusively through our Independent Distributors with personal wellness coaching services and are NOT available in any stores.

To find out more about Herbalife Products Herbalife Price:
Call/SMS/WhatsApp Pengedar Herbalife / Herbalife Independent Distributor (Malaysia), Ling at +6012-2017292 or fill in the Contact Me form to submit now.

Please keep in mind, this Herbalife product results sharing are not typical. Individual results will vary, as we all have different eating habits, body-condition and level of consistency.

** Herbalife Nutrition products are not contain any medication that designed to cure or treat any diseases or symptoms of such. It's a meal replacement supplement to supply essential balance nutrients each day to our body and maintain optimum health. If you are suffering from any diseases and are on a physicians supervision with medications, we advise you to consult your physician before starting on Herbalife Products.

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